Annie’s Canyon – San Diego Series Part Two

I know this is not considered part of the PNW, but every now and then one must escape the rain.  We visited San Diego earlier this week.Since we could walk to most things, we decided we only needed a car for one day. My husband and I tried a new service called Turo to rent a red Jeep Wrangler. This service matches people with a vehicle to rent with a person in need of a rental. It allows you to try new and different vehicles. The rental process was super easy. Jocelyn the owner was really easy going and made us feel very comfortable about taking her car for the day. “It’s just like borrowing a friends car,” she told us. Jocelyn happened to live very close to the hotel we were staying at, so it was very easy to pick up and drop off the vehicle. We loved having a Jeep for the day.

Annie's Canyon is a hike located North of San Diego. The hike is moderate in difficulty, but if you have any issues with claustrophobia, I would suggest you skip the slot canyon portion and take the trail to the viewpoint. You can see much of the slot canyon portion from here anyhow. If you are taking the slot canyon trail keep in mind you have to do the hike from the slot canyon up to the viewpoint. You can not do it in reverse. The trail through the slot canyon is barely big enough for one body and it's not the kind of trail you would want to attempt walking backwards. It's hard to even turn around in parts.

We went as far as this pot bellied middle aged adventurer could stand and then I turned around and used the viewpoint trail. Despite not squeezing through the last portion of the slot canyon, it was an exquisite hike. The trail is 1.5 miles with some moderate elevation gains.

This trail is in the desert, but also offers views of a San Elijo lagoon. We timed this hike perfectly. San Diego had gotten a little bit of rain just prior to our visit. The cactus flowers and wildflowers were in full bloom. The trailhead is located on a residential street and parking is free.


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