Beaver Lake Trail

It sure was a beautiful, hot Spring day as my husband and I made our way to Beaver Lake just outside of Darrington, Wa. A 4.2 mile roundtrip trek with 100 feet in elevation gain. We took our time to really explore as this is one we’ve done a few times already.

In 1926 a logging railroad ran along this section of the Sauk River and to this day there is still evidence of it. Pilings from a railroad bridge can be spotted not far into the trail and tracks still lay at the river bottom around the halfway mark where a washout has occurred.

We took a moment to head off a side trail to play at the river before reaching our destination. Also, stopping for grand views of Mt Pugh and Sloan Peak. One part of the trail I always look forward to is a very sweet bridge that takes you over a dividing point of Beaver Lake. Sadly, upon arriving we found that a huge tree fell on the back portion of the bridge causing it to collapse in that section.

We braved crossing it despite the danger, but would not recommend anyone to go beyond this point until it has been repaired. You can still see the Lake well from this location, so turning back here is not a total loss.

Once we safely reached the other side the trail leads you through a very reflective Beaver Lake (pond) with White Chuck Mountain peering through the trees. The trail ends shortly thereafter at a bend in the river with Mount Forgotten at center.

For more information and directions:

Discover Darrington- Beaver Lake Trail


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