Brightwater Trails and Learning Center

This local water treatment plant is not only a great place to teach kids about ecology, it is also a fantastic place to go on a hike without having to drive far. Brightwater features 70 acres with three miles of wooded trails. The wooded trails have a well maintained path that is wheelchair compliant. There are several ecology exhibits along the way that describe how nature cleans our water and how we can all help keep the planet be cleaner and healthier.

The property also has an event facility, classrooms, labs, and an exhibit hall. The exhibits are interactive and illustrate the importance on conservation and clean water. Kids can see how the plant cleans water through interactive exhibits and also my favorite exhibit is an illustration of just how much water is wasted in an excessively long shower.  A popular problem in our house.

The facility hosts classes, field trips, and summer camps. Check out their website for events.

Brightwater offers a venue for field strips for both elementary to highschool age students. They have a lot of curriculum on their website both print and video. They also, provide internships to both highschool and college students. The Brightwater Educational Center and its surrounding trails are conveniently located on Highway 9 in Bothell. I recommend a visit. This adventure is both dog and kid friendly.


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