Eagle Falls

Eagle Falls is located just off the highway near mile marker 39 just before you get to Baring, Wa heading East on Highway 2. I’ve always wanted to stop here. You get glimpses through the trees as you are passing by and there always seems to be lots of cars parked along the Highway at this spot. Today I decided to see what all the fuss was about. We packed a picnic and headed off.


Eagle Falls did not disappoint. Although, it is more of a rapid than a Falls. The water is a deep emerald green and crashes across giant boulders carving its way out to sea. The water is very rough here. There is a sign posted indicated this portion of the river is closed to water travel.

Once you cross the guard rail it’s a short, but steep walk down to the river. Follow the path along the river until you reach the mighty rock slabs. There are many trails down to the river. Find the safest one you can.

When you get to the river you will see huge slabs of rock perfect for picnics and sun bathing. One portion of the rock slab has a naturally made pool and there are many interesting rock formations. This area appears to be a party spot. You will sadly find plenty of graffiti and beer bottles. I’ve heard this is a swimming hole in the summer, but the water seemed viciously swift while we were there.


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