Henry Thompson Bridge

The Henry Thompson Bridge in Concrete, Wa was built in 1916-18 and at the time was the largest single span cement bridge in the world. Henry was a Skagit County Commissioner who lobbied for its construction. Linking both sides of town together while continuing Highway 20 through the scenic Cascade Mountains.

This antique bridge spans 269 feet across the Baker River below at a width of 18 feet. The light posts have been updated, but for the most part it is all original. However, it is no longer a part of the highway. In 1976 it was rightfully placed on the National Register of Historical Places.

It is even said that Henry Thompson Bridge is haunted. Ironically, the original engineer and one who was working on it during a remodel in the 1990s both died before completion. Despite the creepy history it is still quite a beautiful sight to see with pleasing views on each side. Be sure to spend some time in the cute little town of Concrete as well!


E. Main St Concrete, Wa


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