Meadowdale Beach

This trailhead to the beach is located at Meadowdale Beach Park at 6026 156th St SW, Edmonds, WA 98026. To get to this beach is a trek. Follow the trail through shady Lund’s Gulch. The trail follows the creek down to the beach. Take care to bring bug spray. Shade and water breed mosquitoes and boy did we find a lot of them on this hike. The park is 180 acres in size and you pass through thick forested areas.

The path is 1.2 miles from the parking lot to the beach. It’s not to bad going doing, but it’s a long haul getting back to the parking lot. The grade is steep, but the mosquitoes laying in wait in the shade will keep you moving.

When you reach the bottom there is a covered picnic area, bathrooms, horse shoe pits and volley ball court. This used to be the site of the Meadowdale Country Club.  The club featured an Olympic size swimming pool and several bathhouses. The club closed in 1968 and laid abandoned until it burned to the ground in 1970. The city filled in the pool and reopened the property as a park in 1988.

Pass through a tunnel under the train tracks and you will find a gravely beautiful PNW beach. The beach has great views of the Olympics.

This is a good after hike for a weekend day or for picnic dinner after work, just don’t forget your bug spray. Both dogs and kids are welcome.


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