Miner’s Corner County Park – An Inclusive Playplace

Miner’s Corner County Park is a unique park in Bothell that was built just a few years ago. We visited on a very rainy day, so we had the park to ourselves. This play place was designed to allow children of all mobility to utilize the playground and surrounding areas. The play equipment includes a 10 foot tall wheelchair accessible tower that grants access to a numerous variety of slides.  The park includes swings and merry-go-round that can be used for children with or without paralysis.

I couldn’t help but think during our visit, what a blessing this park must be for someone with mobility challenges. The playground is designed in a way that children of all capabilities can play together side by side. The playground equipment also includes bells, sand pit, and other sensory toys.

There are wheel chair accessible nature trails, a covered picnic area, and a play court.  Instead of just having one restroom that is ADA compliant, they all are. I do not know of another park in this area that is so inclusive of children of all capabilities.  This park should be a model for other parks.

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