Rhodes River Ranch

Do you want to impress your friends? Well, here’s my secret spot that will charm almost anyone. Rhodes River Ranch is nestled among the foothills of the North Cascades in the quaint little town of Oso, Wa. Your first impression upon driving up are acres of white fenced horse pasture, meticulous landscaping and a mountainous backdrop.

The primary mission at this massive ranch is to breed, raise and train future world champion performance horses. They have an indoor horse arena that feels like its the size of a football field. An elevator will take you to the upper level where you gain better perspective of the arena as well as The Restaurant at Rhodes River Ranch where you can enjoy affordable gourmet dishes while being entertained by the going ons of the arena. I highly recommend their Portabello Sandwich! Some nights there is even live music in the dining area, just be sure to tip the performer.

The venue is available for rent for weddings and other large events. I suggest watching their online schedule at Rhodes River Ranch Events Calendar to see when you can catch a performance of the Seattle Knights Jousting, craft bazaars, antique car shows and much, much more!


22016 Entsminger Rd Arlington, Wa 98223


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