River Meadows County Park

It was such a beautiful Spring day where the clouds parted and the sun told the flowers that they could come out and play. The drive into River Meadow County Park is just gorgeous this time of year. You wind down a lush hillside and through spacious grassland before reaching the parking lot.

The 150 acre parcel began as two original homesteads as well as a possible trading and settlement location for Native Americans due to the several artifacts found. Fruit trees and plants such as flowering quince, daffodils, kerria and roses from the original settlers can still be spotted around the homestead area.

The park was establish in 1972 and today there are plumbed bathrooms, several campsites, yurt rentals and a trail down to the river with a mile long accessible stretch of the Stillaguamish River. The river walk is absolutely the best part as the opposite side is a giant bluff towering overhead and large boulders make for fun launch pads into the cool water during summer.

Every August the Stillaguamish tribe holds their annual Festival of the River and Pow Wow here. It is an unforgettable experience if you go. Admission is free, but parking cost around $10. A small price to pay to be submerged in native culture and dancing. Live bands, local arts and crafts and amazing scenery make this something we look forward to every year.


20416 Jordan Rd Arlington, Wa 98224


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