Spirits at the end of the Rainbow

We followed a beautiful rainbow off the exit to find the pot of gold. What we found is the All Star Liquor Store.

This stop at Hilt, California is basically your last or your first chance to get discounted Liquor at California’s lower alcohol tax rate. California has a much lower tax rate than Washington on distilled liquor.

This store specializes in being that first or last stop, depending on which way you’re headed. It has a wide selection of products.

What can you expect to save on your distilled beverages? The before tax prices are better than Washington prices. The tax rate in California is $3.30 per gallon + 6% and Washington is $14.27 per gallon + 6.5%. It’s worth a stop if you passing by and you have a hankering for some cocktail fixings.

Maybe not our typical adventure, but my husband loves this stop.


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