Squire Creek Trail

Just a few minutes from the town of Darrington is the trailhead to Squire Creek. There was a recent washout before the actual trailhead, but park your car at the road closure and you’re not far off. Just mind the drop off.

This hike is 8.5 miles roundtrip with a 2,566 foot elevation gain. Some bushwhacking might be necessary the further along you go. However, this time of year you reach the snow level just a few miles in. We took this as opportunity to explore the lower section of the creek and discover a few waterfalls. As it was a get together with a few members of the Darrington Photography Club.

You know you must have enjoyed yourself when you come home with sticks in your hair, bruises and scrapes, and of course great stories. Like the hidden waterfall, the snake that wasn’t skittish, the ancient stump with a creek bed running through it and best of all the the new friends that are just as crazy as you are about exploration.

I found this trail to be a nice gentle ascent with lots of interesting features along the way. Another bonus is that it isn’t very popular, so if avoiding the crowds is your goal you should definitely try it out. There is plenty to discover along Squire Creek and stories to make your own. You just have to show up!


Driving from either direction on Highway 530, head south onto Mountain Loop Highway at the only four-way stop in town. After about .25 miles turn right onto Darrington Street. Continue until you reach the trailhead at the end of the dirt road.


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