The Outback Kangaroo Farm

The Outback Kangaroo Farm offers such a unique experience in a beautiful, off the beaten path setting. I took my nieces there last summer and it has proved to be a lasting memory. Well worth the drive and entrance fee.

When you get to the Farm you will see a picnic area, a super cool rope swing and a gift shop where you pay for a tour. The tour was guided the whole way and our particular guide added lots of humor and interesting facts to keep the adventure exciting and fun.

We were thrilled to find out that kangaroos were not the only residents at the farm. We met wallaroos, lemurs, donkeys, miniature ponies, peacocks, tortoises, emus, and much more. Another surprise is that we were able to hand feed the kangaroos and mingle with them. It was really quite amazing to experience.

At the end of your tour everyone, who isn’t chicken, gets to receive alpaca kisses. How it works is you hold a food pellet in your mouth and the alpaca gently grabs it from you. I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity, so I was lucky enough to get two very sweet kisses. I hope you come get your kisses too! 😘


10030 HWY 530 Arlington, Wa 98223

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