Thornton A. Sullivan Park

This park is located on Silver Lake in Everett. It’s right next to Camp Patterson which offers some fun summer day camps for kids.

The Park has a dock, picnic shelters, swimming area, showers, a playground, and an outdoor ping pong table. It’s a great place for summertime hang outs and BBQs.

The history behind Silver Lake is rich with summer time fun and fond memories for many locals. Long ago the lake held a floating island with a high dive and a slide.

Camp Patterson that sits adjacent to the park was dreamed up by Everett Police Chief Frank Patterson in the 1950s. The park had originally been shared between the Army Air Corp and the community. When it was abandoned in 1946 it was briefly leased to a gun range, but Patterson saw potential in the dilapidated barracks and lobbied the Parks Department to create a summer camp for local youth. With a lot of organization and elbow grease Patterson’s camp became a reality and still operates today.

This is a good lake to try your paddle board skills out on SUP hydrology rents boards for just that on Silver Lake.


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