White Chuck Bench Trail

I showed up to the trailhead to the White Chuck Bench Trail outside of Darrington, Wa and found these signs. “Trail work ahead closed to public use” and “Workers riding motorcycles may be on trail.” Normally the thought of missing out on a trail would bum me out, but I am totally excited about this. I was afraid that this trail might end up getting ignored and to see it getting some love made me very happy.

Since I couldn’t give you a current report on the White Chuck Bench Trail I will include photos from my journey there last year with my pup. It’s a magical walk through a mossy forest with a few stunning glimpses out into the great wide open. My only disappointment with this trail is that it seemed to fizzle out into nothing a few miles in. It’s all about the journey here and the destination will leave you scratching your head. Maybe this is what the work crew is improving on (I hope 🤞).

The total roundtrip on this trail is 5 miles and not really much of an elevation change. The last time the area was logged was 80 years ago and the regrowth is just spectacular. Be sure to watch for side trails toward views and the White Chuck River. Enjoy the stroll and leave it better than you found it.


WTA White Chuck Bench Trail


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