White Chuck Overlook

Sometimes you just have to do mundane things in creative ways. After work this particular evening my husband and I rushed home to pull a picnic dinner together and we set off to find a dining spot out in nature. Dinner at home just wasn’t going to cut it.

We ended up going to the White Chuck Overlook which is on the Darrington (Wa) side of the Mountain Loop Highway. There’s a small parking area and outhouse at the entrance. Just behind is one of the best views of White Chuck Mountain you can find.

We sat on a log to eat our dinner and enjoy the golden hour. The only sounds were birds and an occasional branch falling in the breeze. We just couldn’t help but feel at ease while taking in all the majestic scenery.

After cleaning up our picnic we decided to explore a trail that led Off into the woods. It was a nice short walk through mossy, green wilderness. However, the trail was a bit overgrown the further along we went. I will have to return prepared for a bushwhack to find out if I have missed any treasures at this glorious place. However, the view alone is quite satisfying in itself.

A “culturally modified” tree where Native Americans pealed bark for baskets and other items




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