Yurt Camping

Enjoy camping year round in a yurt. Nomads have been using yurts for hundreds of years as shelter. Their circular design make them easy to heat and a sturdy shelter. Yurts originated in ancient Mongolia with nomadic tribes. They were made from the hides of animals.

You can find many places in the PNW that will rent these structures. They make for a fun family outing or a rustic romantic getaway.

Parks offering yurt accommodations:

River Meadows – Washington State

Kayak Point – Washington StateGrayland Beach Washington State Park

Twin Harbors Washington State Park

Seaquest State Washington State Park

Kanaskit-Palmer Washington State Park

Paradise Point Washington State Park

Pacific Beach Washington State Park

Cape Disappointment Washington State Park

Valley of the Rogue Oregon State Park

Tumalo Oregon State Park

Cape Lookout Oregon State Park

South Beach Oregon State ParkFort Stevens Oregon State Park

Beverly Beach Oregon State Park

Umpqua Lighthouse Oregon State Park

Some of you may be thinking it’s too late to get summer reservations. A park ranger recently gave me some advice. Washington State and County parks hold back reservations on ADA spots for those that need them. If no one needs them these spots are made available to the public on the Thursday prior. This is a good thing to keep in mind for if you are looking for last minute reservations.


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